About Us

Our sole mission at Sneaky Tavern is to build and provide a universal platform for members of the Community that share interest in streetwear, to grow and enhance both the Culture and their Confidence.

It is our goal and intention to be your resource in all things streetwear through the implementation of our 3 Values. Community, Culture, and Confidence.

Aside from our consignment experience, we at Sneaky Tavern will strive to radiate an atmosphere that will get you the Community involved in activities outside the realm of buying, selling, and trading.

We wish to provide you a sense of belonging with others through the rollout of events, workshops, discussion boards, and collaborations.

There is a belief in our core that with constant communication, willingness to share ideas and input, provides creators an opportunity to shape and mold the Culture into something that is unique and lasting for the future.

With the execution of our 3 Values, you can rest assure that with the relationships built, your Confidence in our brand and platform, will provide you with a sense of pride and belonging.

We are Sneaky Tavern.